Web Designers and Developers Meetup Groups

Girl Develop It
New York, NY

Women Developers and Programmers! Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don’t be shy. Develop it. It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority. While open and welcoming, today’s budding…
Meetup topics:
Internet & Technology, Programming, Software Developers, Women Entrepreneurs, Software Development, Working Women, Womens Empowerment, Web Design, Web Designers and Developers, Education & Technology, Mobile Development, Mobile Technology, Internet Professionals, Web Technology, Girl Develop It

Designers + Geeks
San Francisco, CA

Bringing designers + geeks together to talk shop, startups, and do some knowledge sharing. All types of designers + geeks welcome. Designers + Geeks Newsletter All Designers + Geeks events, news, and giveaways are announced through our newsletter.
Meetup topics:
New Technology, User Experience, Web Technology, Web Development, Programming, Software Developers, Internet & Technology, Interaction Design, Web Startups, Web Design, iPhone Development, Graphic Design, Ruby On Rails, Python, Web Designers and Developers.

Spreenkler Meetup on Design, Technology and Startups
Milwaukee, WI

Spreenkler is an idea networking group. We gather to discuss and stay on top of emerging practices and techniques in design, technology and startups. All with the purpose of helping you be better at what you do. The atmosphere is energetic, fun and…
Meetup topics:
Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Designers and Developers, New Technology, Startup & Enterprenurs

Women Who Code (SF)
San Francisco, CA

We are women who code: in any framework any level of experience any size of company or just code for fun! We will get together monthly to meet, greet, eat snacks, and work on our projects.
Meetup topics:
Programming, Startup Ventures, Technology Professionals, Women in Technology, Internet Technology, Women Programmers, Web Programmers, Web Designers and Developers, Software Developers, Web Startups

The Chicago Graphic Design Meetup Group
Chicago, IL

Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/ChicagoGDesign Join our page on Facebook! We are designers who meet on a regular basis to discuss issues/topics related…
Meetup topics:
Graphic Design, Graphical User Interfaces, Networking for Graphic Designers & Marketing Pros, Web Designers and Developers, User Experience, Web Design, Web Technology

Creative Class
London, United Kingdom

DO YOU MISS US? Are you missing your trainers and new found mates from your Academy Class courses? Well we miss you too and have decided to start our very own Academy Class Club night where we’ll all be able to get together for a free monthly class.
Meetup topics:
Web Designers and Developers, Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Digital Video, Digital Photography, Social Media Marketing, Motion Graphics, Flash, Architecture & Design

San Francisco, CA

CASCADE SF promotes quality and innovation by learning from the top minds in the web industry. www.cascadesf.com Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter
Meetup topics:
CSS, Web Design, Front-end Development, Web Designers and Developers, Responsive Web Design, Web Standards, HTML5, css3

The Visual.ly Data Visualization Group (Bay Area)
San Francisco, CA

This data visualization meetup is organized every month by Visual.ly. Our purpose is to bring together all people interested, involved and passionate about data visualization. We’re starting in SF and will bring it to other cities soon!
Meetup topics:
Visualization, Big Data, Data Visualization, Visual Arts, Interaction Design, Infographics, Presentations, Communication Skills, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Communications and Presentation Skills, Programming, Internet Technology, Web Designers and Developers.

EduTech Meetup Group
San Francisco, CA

We are a Silicon Valley (San Francisco) meet-up group, interested in connecting folks who are passionate about the education space and interested in applying technology to hack current problems in the education sector. If you are a developer / hack…
Meetup topics:
Business Networking, Education & Technology, Hackers, Software Developers, Web Designers and Developers, Programming, Education, Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneurs, Online Education, Online Education & Technology For Educators and HR, Ruby, Rails, Venture Capital, Educators.

Startup Grind LA
Beverly Hills, CA

Are you involved in a startup or want to be? Commonred’s Startup Grind was started to help entrepreneurs meet new people face-to-face, and continue to build a lasting relationship with them online after the event.